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S-10 Cameo V8! - updated web page at

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89' S-10 Cameo
LT1 V8 Power

This site is here to display my truck and show some of the work that goes into an S-10 V8 conversion. It was alot of work, and it was also expensive, but in the end I have a very fun to drive quick truck. It was the biggest vehicular project I have worked on so far.

This is a picture of my sub 12 second Syclone. (I loved that truck.) Unfortunately I sold it a couple years ago, and miss it terribly. I decided to take my 89 S-10 and fix it up when I could no longer stand having a car with no balls-(1997 Cadillac Catera.) My truck had 297,000 original miles on it when I decided to do the V8 conversion and Cameo Body kit.


Click here to access an updated web page at